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At heart, most of us know our individual actions do have an effect on the environment. We’d like to change, to help, but consuming responsibly can be incredibly expensive. The price of organic food is outrageous, recycling is confusing at best and have you seen the price of an environmentally safe laundry detergent that actually works? Who can afford it? Not to mention all the misleading claims about “natural” products. How do you sort through all the hype, find out what really works and manage to afford ecologically responsible purchases?

Well, here’s where I hope to help out a bit. Frugal and ecological living is my passion and I’d love to share the tips I’ve picked up while figuring out how to live my life responsibly and frugally while still enjoying modern conveniences.

What We Write About

Thirty years ago, using the term “organic gardening” would probably conjure images of hippies with headbands growing marijuana in the closet of a college dormitory.

Nowadays, however, organic gardening isn’t just an understood pastime or hobby. For the sake of our environment, it is becoming a necessity.

Whether you’re converting to organics from synthetic gardening, a beginning gardener learning organics from scratch, or a seasoned organic gardener – congratulations. You are taking important steps toward improving our planet. After all, if we don’t do it, who will?

Living green is about more than recycling & conserving energy. Read about topics that matter – healthy living, simplifying family life, reducing our carbon footprint, and tips to teach the next generation about sustainability and green living.

 We will go from the mundane but useful kitchen and bathroom cleaning tips to the more interesting areas of party planning and budget entertaining. Learn how to make crafts from throw-aways and how to keep ants out of the pantry. What can you do with dryer lint? How can you use less energy? All this and much, much more will be covered in the coming months. Check back for more tips you can use in your own household.

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