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Organic Gardening: Getting Started, Doing the Right Thing

The Reasons Why There are two men in California who covertly place bumper stickers reading “I’M CHANGING THE CLIMATE — Ask Me How!” on large, late model pollution-belching SUVs. While I applaud their message (heck, I’m a Mustang-driving girl, myself), I’m not so sure about their methods. I prefer using the guilt trip. So, please… Read More »Organic Gardening: Getting Started, Doing the Right Thing

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Definition of a Green Home

A friend of mine was kind enough to read my latest article about building or renovating a Green home. He mentioned that if he knew exactly what the term “Green Home” meant and was actively seeking to build one, then my article would have been a fantastic source of information. But for folks who had… Read More »Definition of a Green Home