Saving Water When You Wash Your Car – Do It by Hand at Home

person washing vehicle tire

The love affair we Americans have with our automobiles is legendary, and keeping our baby clean has become a priority like never before. The coin-operated carwash sprang to being sometime decades ago, providing a fun and fairly cheap way to wash that vehicular loved one. However, in today’s energy-stressed and struggling economy, we really don’t need them anymore.

Make a Statement and Keep Your Quarters

With modernization and an increased water awareness, the carwash has evolved to some extent in that it uses reclaimed water in its sprayers and nozzles, thereby not wasting water. This is not 100% true of all carwashes, however, and not using them is the surest way not to waste water in the process of washing your car.

How many quarters can you shove into one of those machines to get “Bessie” nice and shiny? How many dollars? Say no thanks to the automated carwash even if the one you use may be using reclaimed water. The energy spent in running such a facility adds up as well. So, find a better way.

Fill a Bucket at Home and Use the Hose Very Sparingly

When it comes time to give your vehicular significant other its periodic spiffing up, take a moment and plan a water-stingy strategy that will keep you dry and won’t leave water running down the street. Grab your old bucket you know that’s there, somewhere, and put about two gallons of precious H2O into this bucket. An ounce or two dollop of eco-friendly soap provides plenty of suds. Get that grungy sponge/scrubber-no steel wool obviously-and some rags. Put on those funky sneakers, or better yet, those crumbling flipflops and get ready to put a shine on your baby.

Assuming there is a garden hose, it should be used only very briefly to pre-rinse the car at the start, then shut off. Your 1-2 gallons of soapy water will be enough to get your vehice clean unless it’s a semi. Climb and crouch and hug and rub and scrub your baby, using rags to slop water from the bucket onto the top of the car so it rolls down. Better water application means less waste. Your sponge will be at the ready at all times with the scrubbing side for bugs, chunks of dirt, etc. As your bucket gets near the bottom and you have done your scrubbing, thoroughly rinse and wring out all your soapy things, dump any remaining water over the car and refill from the hose for rinse water. Soon you will forget that you ever used one of those coin-operated carwashes, and you’ll get more enjoyment from making your honey gleam.

Adios to Coin-Op Carwash; Hello to the Hand Job

Keep those quarters and still love your sweet, clean ride. Toyota or Chevy, Mercedes or Land Rover, truck, car, SUV, crossover, or any combo thereof, you can rub it up by hand and even give it an occasional wax job by hand as well. You will get a new, delicious feel, and feeling, for your wheeled loved one as you conserve energy, work your arms, and save a little bit of water and a little bit of money. How could you ask for more?

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